Bowen Gemological Laboratory

Tracy Bowen ~ Independent Jewelry Appraiser ~ GIA Graduate Gemologist

Tracy A. Bowen Jewelry Appraisals

GIA Graduate Gemologist and Independent Jewelry Appraiser in Salt Lake City, Utah

Care at the highest level of the profession is given in the examination and appraisal of your jewelry. Tracy creates detailed jewelry appraisals for insurance replacement and all information needed for attaching riders to your general insurance policy for the specific coverage of your jewelry. High-quality photographs for documentation of your jewelry are included as part of each appraisal.

In addition to jewelry appraisal for insurance purposes, other professional appraisal services we provide include:

  • Determining values to settle estates
  • Determining fair market value of jewelry before purchase or sale
  • Advice on re-sale and appropriate sale venues
  • Authentication certificate for jewelry sale
  • Determination of emergency sale value
  • Sorting through an estate to determine the jewelry items that merit appraisal

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